Doncic offended by Harrell’s racist slur. The Slovenian takes revenge with the victory basket VIDEO

Doncic was offended by a racist slur from Harrell. The Slovenian took revenge with the incredible decisive basket on the siren.

The NBA has taken the field against racism towards African Americans with the cry of 'Black Lives Matter' but can also understand that the insult in question is a Slovenian. This is what happened to Doncic before game 4 of Mavs vs Clippers.

In fact, before the duo of Game 4, Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Harrell insulted Doncic, during Game 3, calling him a "F * ck white boy".

Doncic did not reply to him either through the press or through social networks. He waited for game 4 to take his revenge on the field.

The Slovenian, in the first NBA playoffs of his career, pulled out of the hat an incredible performance. In fact, the Mavs went on 2 to 2 thanks to a pearl on the siren.

Winning basket that embellished a best-in-the-field performance with a triple double that leaves no room for other interpretations (43 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists).

For Doncic this is the definitive consecration in America after winning last year the rookie of the year award (translatable as freshman of the year or best young of the year).

This success brought Dallas 2-2 on aggregate in the series with the Clippers. The Los Angeles team remains the favorite for the next round but anything can happen in the Orlando bubble because there is no home factor ( YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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