Antonio Conte remains at Inter, the coach has collected confidence and reassurance from Zhang

Antonio Conte remains at Inter, the decision came at the end of a meeting that lasted three hours between the coach and the Nerazzurri management.

Antonio Conte remains at Inter. The decision came at the end of today's meeting, which lasted three hours, between the coach and the Nerazzurri management. The meeting was also attended by President Steven Zhang.

The management has decided to trust Antonio Conte despite the coach having closed the season without trophies on the bulletin board and despite his continuous public attacks on the club.

Evidently Zhang had told the truth after the defeat in the Europa League final against Sevilla. In fact, already hot, the Nerazzurri president had expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved by the team during this season. So he had already expressed his conviction to confirm the current coaching staff.

Conte's stay had been directly questioned by the undersigned who had remarked how many things he did not like this year. Evidently, in today's summit, Conte had guarantees both on the transfer market and on the presence, media and otherwise, of the Nerazzurri managers.

In fact, Conte had complained of a scarce presence of the company both in the media and in the button room of football. According to Conte, he and the players had not been protected in any way and had been thrown to the press.

Here is the statement just published by the Nerazzurri.

“Today's meeting between the Club and Antonio Conte was constructive, in the name of continuity and sharing of strategy. With it the foundations were established to continue the project together ”.

This is the official statement published on the Inter website regarding the meeting between president Zhang, the club management, and Antonio Conte. ( AGI )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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