Guest sticks on Bocelli’s boat, private concert for the Inter player

Alessandro Bastoni guest on Andrea Bocelli's boat, private concert for the Inter defender.

Inter footballer Alessandro Bastoni has been invited on Andrea Bocelli's boat. Bastoni had the pleasure and privilege of attending a private concert.

Then the Inter defender shared everything on social networks (to see the video, click here) .

This concert closes a magical season for Bastoni. In fact, the young defender was one of Inter's greatest revelations.

Antonio Conte threw him into the fray with great courage and Bastoni deserved a place as a starter with high-level performances.

To understand the value of this boy, it is enough to say that this year Conte often preferred him to a great footballer like Skriniar (who in fact could be sold during this transfer market).

Bastoni will certainly have welcomed with enthusiasm the news of Antonio Conte's confirmation on the Inter bench.

At the end of a meeting that lasted just over three hours, Conte received the confidence of the Nerazzurri management.

Conte received the reassurance he wanted both on the transfer market and on media protection. In fact, Conte had accused his management of having fed both him and his players to the press.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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