Kathleen Krüger, the team manager is one of the secrets of the European champion Bayern

Kathleen Krüger has just won her second Champions League with Bayern Munich. That's who it is.

In Italy few know her but in Germany they are all aware of her importance in managing a difficult dressing room like that of Bayern Munich. She is Kathleen Krüger (photo here) , the team manager of the reigning European champions.

Kathleen Krüger has won 17 trophies with Bayern Munich. In his dashboard there is practically everything:

two Champions League, eight Bundesliga, five German Cups, a Club World Cup and a European Super Cup.

Kathleen Krüger joined Bayern Munich's coaching staff after a good career in women's football (she was a midfielder who combined quality with quantity).

She managed to become part of Bayern at a historical moment when women's football was given great prominence in Germany.

In fact, the Germans were able to promote women's football by imposing it on the male audience. In what way? By making the women's games play immediately before the men's ones.

So whoever showed up at the stadium for the match of his favorite team was entertained in the pre-match by the women's team match.

But back to the importance of Kathleen Krüger. It is the link between the technical staff and the players. It is the only one to be included in the private chat of players on Wapp.

This is because she has human qualities that allow her to create empathy with the players until she becomes their first confidant (and not just for football issues …).

Obviously it works because in recent years Bayern Munich has been buying up trophies (including the two Champions League …) (source Transfer Markt ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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