Domenech teases Gasperini (“Thanks for the changes”). The former French coach (and actor, astrologer, scalper) is still winning …

Resentment and envy have a long memory: there are those who wait 14 years to avenge the final lost by France in 2006 against Italy at the World Cup.

Former coach Raymond Domenech had already teased Atalanta (weak defense, no problem) on the eve of the Champions League quarterfinals against Paris Saint Germain.

After the victory of the French at the last second, the anti-Italian resentment overflowed, in a twitter he “thanked” the coach Gasperini for the changes in the final game.

Raymond Domenech's post

"Bravo to PSG for this beautiful emotion and thanks to Gasperini for his changes at the end of the game".

“The legend that the Italian technicians are great from a tactical point of view this time – adds the French coach on twitter – remains a legend. Tuchel did better ”.

The former France coach defeated by Italy in the 2006 world final is often acidic with Italian football.

Little matters for the coach – ignored in Italy and endured at home – of the record season and the Champions semifinal vanished for a few minutes of an Atalanta that all together costs less than just Neymar Jr.

What then would these changes be? While the people from Bergamo were now desperately trying to contain the assaults of the Paris champions, he added Muriel, a striker, for Pasalic, a midfielder.

It takes courage. Of course Touchel – who for the record is German, almost a kid, who knows why a Frenchman at the helm of the strongest club in France is considered a gamble – the changes got it right.

But if you let 'Mbappé in, like, everyone's good. And Choupo Moting, who replaced Icardi's ghost with ten minutes remaining, gave the winning goal.

Coach, commentator, actor, astrologer, scalper …

Domenech's poisoned tooth with Italy, who was a footballer, actor, TV commentator with excursions into touting (USA 94) and coach by chance, comes from afar.

Without a shred of proof, he accused the Italy Under-21 of having bought the referee in a qualifying match in Sidney 2000.

On the eve of the 2010 World Cup he was so much appreciated by the national team players that they mutinied, something never seen before. Some, gloomy scientists, questioned the astrology practiced by the master to optimize training choices.

“We don't know how to get involved, how to organize ourselves. We don't know what to do, ”declared a certain Thierry Henry. The less noble Anelka limited himself to a more direct "fils de pute". (source Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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