Juventus fined for the sale of Benatia: there was a clause not to resell him to top clubs in Italy

A year ago Fifa fined Juventus for having "forbidden" Al Duhail to sell defender Medhi Benatia to Inter, Lazio, Milan, Naples, Rome and PSG (we are talking about 40 thousand Swiss francs, about 37 thousand euros).

The Juventus fine dates back to a year ago but… But no one noticed it until CalcioMercato.com found the disciplinary sanction in the Fifa archives.

Juve were punished because in the contract for the sale of Benatia to the Qatari club – the same one to whom he later sold Mandzukic and Han – they had a penalty of 5 million inserted.

Penalty in the event that Al Duhail had sold the defender to one of the top Italian clubs (Inter, Lazio, Milan, Naples and Rome) before the summer of 2021, but not only.

The penalty, in fact, also included the PSG.

As mentioned, it was calcio.com that found the sanction in the Fifa archives.

The site writes:

Fifa also fined Al-Duhail with a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs.

This measure too has slipped into the most rigorous silence. One final note.

In November 2019, during an interview with Tuttosport, Benatia declared that he had been close to a transfer to Milan in the previous months, but that "(…) Al-Duhail did not want me to return". (Source: calcioomercato.com ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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