De Rossi: “What did Totti del Boca tell me? Nothing, he was out of breath … “VIDEO

De Rossi Totti Boca Video YouTube

The photo Ansa with De Rossi leaving for Argentina

FIUMICINO – Daniele De Rossi, accompanied by his wife Sarah Felberbaum , left his home in the center of Rome and, 'escorted' by a Van full of suitcases, he headed for Fiumicino airport, as documented by some Argentine 'media' .

Once he arrived at the airport, he was assaulted by the reporters present. Some journalists, referring to the video of his last training in Italy with Totti, asked him: "What did Francesco tell you about Boca Juniors?" De Rossi responded quickly and joked about it: "What did Francesco tell me? Nothing because, as you saw, he was out of breath … He has already stopped playing … ".

Another journalist asked him if he had greeted the fans, De Rossi replied: "With the fans we have greeted each other many times and will remain forever in my heart. This is why I decided not to wear other sweaters in Italy ”.

The former captain of Rome embarked on the Rome-Buenos Aires flight at 9.45pm, and arrived in Argentina at 6.40am local time. Many fans of Boca Juniors were waiting for him at Ezeiza airport, eager to welcome their new darling.

The former Roma and Italian national midfielder had received many proposals but in the end he decided to accept the team that fascinated him the most in terms of football, not from an economic point of view since he will earn "only" 500 thousand euros. An enormous amount for a common mortal but low for GDR who was used to other salaries in Rome.

De Rossi leaves for Argentina, journalists ask him about Totti VIDEO from YouTube.

The video from YouTube with the joke of Daniele De Rossi on Francesco Totti: “Do you ask me what he told me about Boca? Nothing because he was out of breath … ".

The De Rossi article : “What did Totti del Boca tell me? Nothing, he was out of breath … "VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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