Maxim Dadashev, the coach wanted to interrupt the meeting but the boxer refused. Then VIDEO died

Maxim Dadashev, l'allenatore voleva interrompere l'incontro ma il pugile si è rifiutato. Poi è morto

A moment of the meeting took the life of the Russian boxer Dadashev

ROME – New details on the death of Maxim Dadashev , the Russian boxer who died of his injuries during a meeting last Friday with Subriel Matias for the Ibf super-light in Oxon Hill, Maryland (USA). The boxer's coach tried hard to convince him to retire.

Buddy McGirt , the coach, in an interview with ESPN said he had already thought about retiring at the end of the ninth round. During the live broadcast of the meeting, one sees McGirt inviting Dadashev to throw in the towel. It was the end of the eleventh round, but the boxer had refused. At that point McGirt, thinking of saving his boxer's life, had decided to suspend the match. Unfortunately the blows taken by Dadashev had already caused a cerebral hemorrhage, then fatal to the sportsman.

Dadashev had been hospitalized at the end of the match and underwent emergency surgery but his condition worsened until he died. The 28-year-old, who had Mad Mad as his nickname, presented himself at the meeting with Matias with 13 victories in as many matches. He was considered a rising star, back from two victories against former world champions such as Perez and Antonio DeMarco.

(source DAGOSPIA – ESPN, Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev):

The Maxim Dadashev article , the coach wanted to interrupt the meeting but the boxer refused. Then he died VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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