Pool of crowds for De Rossi at Buenos Aires airport, Boca fans did not sleep to be VIDEO

De Rossi tifosi Boca video YouTube

De Rossi welcomed like a star by the fans of Boca Juniors at the time of his arrival in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES – Daniele De Rossi mania in Buenos Aires has broken out. Just open the social networks to breathe the anxious expectation of the Boca Juniors fans to welcome them. Many of them have not slept, others have put the alarm in the middle of the night to arrive at the airport in Buenos Aires in time to greet his arrival. Others have his face tattooed.

In the end, De Rossi arrived at the airport of Pistarini Minister of Ezeiza, in the province of Buenos Aires at 6.14 (11.14 am Italian). Waiting for him were many fans of Boca Juniors and as many journalists.

This is a historic moment for the Argentine club who managed to put one of the strongest midfielders in the last ten years under contract. De Rossi is very popular in these parts for having faithfully dressed only the Roma jersey and for winning the 2006 Germany World Cup with a penalty scored in the lottery of shots from the spot against France.

De Rossi had received a lot of offers but he wanted to wear the Boca Juniors shirt because, even when he played in Rome, he was fascinated by the idea of ​​playing a game of Bombonera, a true temple of world football. The negotiation was made possible by the will of DDR and the friendship that binds him to the sports director of Boca Juniors Nicolas Burdisso.

DDR and Burdisso have played together for many years with the Roma shirt. Burdisso has been able to both woo him and wait for him. The interruption of the professional relationship with Roma was a trauma for De Rossi. The former Giallorossi midfielder took a while to cash in on the coup. Then he took some time to evaluate all the proposals he had received (even from Italian clubs) but in the end his desire to fight in front of the Bombonera fans prevailed since he is a real fighter on the field.

De Rossi, reception at the Maradona by Boca Juniors fans. Videos from YouTube.

The YouTube video with the impressive crowd bath for Daniele De Rossi upon his arrival in Argentina.

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