De Rossi remains in Italy. Milan favored on Sampdoria and Fiorentina

De Rossi resta in Italia. Milan favorito su Sampdoria e Fiorentina

De Rossi remains in Italy. Milan favored on Sampdoria and Fiorentina. Photos ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

ROME – Daniele De Rossi has decided to remain in Italy as a player. The former captain of Rome is evaluating the three offers he has received and will take a decision when he returns from his holidays in the Maldives. On the plate there are the proposals of Milan, Sampdoria and Fiorentina. Despite the public statements of De Laurentiis, read them here , there would be no proposal from Naples.

At the moment, Milan would be the favorite over the others after the arrival of Marco Giampaolo. A few weeks ago, Giampaolo commented on the departure of De Rossi to Roma . Your statements are reported by Fox Sports.

"It's something that confirmed me through Sabatini a few weeks ago and that he told me last year, when we went to play in Rome." When I stop, I'd like to work with you, "he told me. His words made me happy because De Rossi is a champion. I don't know him personally except for some exchange, but he is a leader, a praetorian, a loyal player and this aspect of him has always fascinated me. "

These statements suggest a beginning of a working relationship between Giampaolo and De Rossi that could bring the former Roma player into the Milan coach's staff as soon as he decided to hang up his boots.

De Rossi could end his footballing career in a great club like Milan and then join the coaching staff of Giampaolo, the coach chosen by the Rossoneri to start a long-term youth project. De Rossi would not clash with this youth project because he would be one of the few experienced football players and would represent a valid point of reference for them.

Milan is not the only offer for the former Roma midfielder. DDR also received the proposals of Fiorentina, where he trains his friend Montella, and of Sampdoria, where Ferrero would make false papers to have both he and Totti.

The De Rossi article remains in Italy. Milan favored on Sampdoria and Fiorentina seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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