Naples sells Insigne and Allan to buy James Rodriguez

Napoli vende Insigne e Allan per acquistare James Rodriguez

Naples sells Insigne and Allan to buy James Rodriguez. Photo ANSA / CIRO FUSCO

NAPLES – The Naples market goes live. The formalization of the arrival of James Rodriguez should arrive in the next few hours but now the bells must also think about the outgoing market. De Laurentiis is very attentive to the budget and never wants to take the longest step of his leg.

Carlo Ancelotti would have given his ok for the sales of Allan and Lorenzo Insigne. The Brazilian midfielder should move to Paris Saint Germain a few months late.

Last January, the Naples decided not to deprive himself of him because he didn't have a substitute equal to the situation but now, with all the market in front, the situation changes radically.

The Paris Saint Germain is ready to invest 65 million euros to snatch the Brazilian national soccer midfielder from Napoli. Allan has given his consent to this transfer for a very long time.

The other player on the market is Lorenzo Insigne. Despite the customary denials, both the company and Mino Raiola, the footballer's agent, want his transfer. Where can Insigne go? Let's analyze the possible scenarios starting from the assumption that Napoli wants to get as much money as possible from its sale.

The Campania-based company needs money to then complete the purchases of Manolas from Rome and Lozano from the PSV . Lorenzo Insigne likes Inter, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Manchester United.

Mino Raiola is a master in satisfying the parties to obtain the maximum profit possible from this market operation. The goal of Raiola and Napoli is to set off an auction. Napoli wants to cash in from 70 million euros upwards and Raiola wants to get the highest possible payment for Insigne to earn a rich percentage from this transfer.

At the moment, Atletico Madrid would be favored over the others because it has just sold Griezmann to Barcelona and has the necessary liquidity to complete this purchase.

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