France-Romania cookie, goal difference: Italy Under 21 hanging by a thread. All the possibilities

Biscotto Francia-Romania, differenza reti: Italia Under 21 appesa ad un filo. Tutte le possibilità

France-Romania cookie, goal difference: Italy Under 21 hanging by a thread. All the possibilities. Photo ANSA / LPS / ALESSIO TARPINI

ROME – Italy Under 21 is hanging by a thread. The Italians are still hoping to qualify for the Euro 2019 semi-finals but are no longer masters of their destiny. Yesterday they breathed a sigh of relief because a 3-0 win for Denmark would have already eliminated them but luckily the Di Biagio boys won the danishes only 2-0 against Serbia and they were eliminated from the competition.

Denmark ended their group in second place with the same points of Italy , 6, but has a goal difference of more than two against that of more than three of the azzurrini. At this point the fate of our national team is linked to the "Group C" where France and Romania lead with 6 points (the same as the Azzurrini).

At this point the cookie nightmare inevitably re-emerges ( here in-depth ). With a draw, France and Romania would qualify hand in hand with both the Euro 2019 semi-finals and the upcoming Olympic football games.

In the hope that this cookie will not materialize, let's see what must happen to see Italy in the Euro 2019 semi-finals.

The best thing would be a success from Romania. A victory for the Romanians would qualify us for the semi-finals and the Olympics with any result. This is because France starts this game with a goal difference lower than ours (+2 against our +3), so in case of ko it would only make it worse.

In case of victory of the French, the situation would be complicated and not a little. Romania starts with a goal difference greater than ours (+5) and a greater number of goals scored (8 goals against Italy's 6).

So, if France wins, the Italians should hope for a success with three goals from the French. If France were to win with two goals against Romania, Italy would go out because in case of equal goals difference (+3), they would count goals and Romania scored more than us.

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