Coronavirus, Valter Cusani is dead. He was the former Inter youth doctor

MILAN – Valter Cusani , a former Inter youth doctor , died of coronavirus .

Cusani was remembered by a long post published on Facebook by Basilio Tiso, medical director of the hospital unit at the Policlinico di Milano .

“Yesterday the coronavirus took my old boss Dr. away. Valter Cusani, first doctor ( medical director) of the Inam (later USSL, ASL etc.) in Piazzale Loreto – via Doria- Milan.

I arrived in Milan when I was just over 25 years old and I was his deputy, and then replaced him, for almost 10 years.

He always treated me like a son and taught me a lot: a great person and an excellent professional .

We shared a great passion for Inter, of which he was a youth doctor.

In those years I also collaborated with him and we were, as doctors, close to many boys, some of whom later became great champions.

He had been retired for thirty years.
And with the retirement and farewell of many of his generation, oblivion.
I am close to his wife and his two children as well as to his grandchildren and son-in-law: all my friends of yesteryear and with much pleasure every now and then I met again.

Here, when we talk about the great generation that rebuilt Italy after the war leading it to be one of the most important nations in the world , we are talking about people like him, who were great and then the time… ..

Guys, study your past and treasure it for the future by taking an example.
Maurizio I still have your book of poems.

"Segments of metropolis" Your father gave it to me with great pride.

And I still remember the great tenderness with which he told us about his daughter, marriage, how much he loved her ..

Thank you Dr. Cusani from your pupil, perhaps, beloved. You really gave me so much.
And thanks above all from the large INAM in Piazzale Loreto , which was the largest and most important in Italy, when territorial health in Milan worked really well.

Basilio Tiso ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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