Vialli and the long fight against cancer: “I don’t have to draw my eyebrows with a pencil anymore …”

ROME – Gianluca Vialli spoke about his long fight against cancer during an interview with Maurizio Crosetti for the Republic .

"How am I? Fine thanks. In December, I completed seventeen months of chemotherapy, an eight-month cycle and another nine.

It was tough, even for a tough guy like me . Hard, physically and mentally. The tests showed no signs of illness. I am happy, even if I say it softly.

What does it mean to regain health? It means seeing oneself well in the mirror, looking at the hair that grows again, no longer having to draw eyebrows with a pencil . At the moment, it may seem strange but I feel almost lucky compared to many people.

The fear of dying is fought thinking about desires, focusing on how much we really like it, and how much we want everything to return. One must not feel selfish and must not allow the brain to go somewhere else.

In my case it is a journey. A path of introspection, an opportunity. Illness is an experience that I would have gladly done without , but it happened and so I try to put it to good use.

Coronavirus? It is a tremendous but certainly not useless test . In this enormous silence that surrounds us, almost a Zen atmosphere, there is something oriental.

And the birds are heard again even in a megalopolis like London. We spend more time with the people we love.

I read a lot, talk to friends and I'm also learning to write on the computer with ten fingers. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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