Ranieri: “Playing? One of our players who was cured of the coronavirus is now positive again … “

GENOA – At home Sampdoria shouts at the " falsified championship ". Ferrero was clear: " Serie A should not resume …".

His technician, Claudio Ranieri , is of the same opinion. The testaccino coach also raised the alarm about the health of his players:

“A player of mine who was cured of the coronavirus is now positive again. .. ".

If the championship starts again after the stop for the Coronavirus “I believe that after a month and more of inactivity it will always be a falsified championship, because there has not been the usual regularity. Then I think it is right for the teams to play titles and safety on the field, but in any case it would be a distorted championship for me ”.

Sampdoria coach Claudio Ranieri says so, interviewed on Radio I too Sport on Radio 1. As coach of one of the Serie A teams with more players who remained positive for Coronavirus, Ranieri warns:

“I had a player declared positive first, then he tested negative and then he was declared positive again after he had started training again. Moreover, I read that this evil can also attack an important apparatus such as the heart.
It is not for me to decide whether to resume the championship or not, but it is up to the Italian Sports and Medical Federation: they have to tell them what we can and cannot do, how many times to do it and they must above all give the players safety ".

In summary, the Dorian coach concludes:

“I don't know if the resumption of the championship will be possible or not, but one thing is certain: the players are like Formula 1 cars, they must be pushed to the maximum. Will it be possible to do this in this situation? I hope that the sports medical federation has the last word. I say that this championship must be ended, but tell us the doctors if and how to do it ". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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