Coronavirus, Rummenigge (Bayern Munich): “The season is over”

ROME – “I have had many contacts with Italian friends, all of whom are quite well. One was also infected with the virus, but luckily it is fine. "

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, managing director of Bayern Munich, interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport, takes stock of the situation:

“Until March 13, everything was fine – he recalls – we were in the running in all competitions: at the top of the championship, in the semi-finals of the Cup and in the Champions League we had won 3-0 in the first leg with Chelsea. Then from one day to the next the fog came both in life and in football ".

Bayern CEO said about the end of the season: “It must be completed . For two reasons: the first concerns the sports side, because the rankings must be defined. We are on the 26th day, nine are missing, the verdicts must be decided, from the championship to the relegations and promotions ".

“Then – he continues – there is the most important side, the economic aspect. All of us in Europe take for granted that the collection is really zero. We have high costs, especially for the players' salaries. I hope they end and all competitions have to end. "

“If it doesn't end beyond June 30 – he explains – we must continue in July and at the limit also in August. We have to finish the season, it's a duty for everyone. "

Chapter wages.

"The club asked players to waive 20% of the compensation in April, they agreed. We need solidarity and union ”.

Like among the big European clubs:

“I heard Andrea Agnelli, president of Eca, when he was in quarantine, when the European championship had to be moved from this summer to the next. Then no more, but there is no problem – explains Rummenigge – we have to think about how the big players can help European football, in any way, because the problem affects the whole environment, puts large, medium and small clubs in difficulty ".

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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