Coronavirus, Rezza: “Football championship? As a Romanist all upstream ”. Lazio furious

ROME – The football championship may not resume due to the coronavirus emergency . To underline it is Gianni Rezza , of the Higher Institute of Health and member of the Technical-Scientific Committee, who lets himself go to a joke: "As a Romanist I would send everything upstream". Words that triggered the indignant reaction of the Lazio football club.

Speaking at a press conference with the Civil Protection on April 13, Rezza answered a question from journalists about the football champion: “We are in May and I would not be in favor of the resumption of the championship. However, it is up to politics to decide. "

The professor explained that it is a personal opinion, "but that I think can be shared in Cts". He also stressed that "contact sports may have a certain transmission risk". Then he let himself go to a joke: "As a Romanist I would send everything upstream".

Just this joke unleashed the anger of the Lazio club. Arturo Diaconale, Lotito's communications manager, said: “Rezza's words? Sometimes typhoid also affects scientists and gives head … Scientists who would be much more useful if instead of dealing with these things they found a way to deal effectively with the virus ".

In a statement to Adnkronos, Diaconale says: “Scientists are scientists and not fans. And it would be really desirable that, instead of fueling football controversies of which one does not feel the need, he would devote all his energy to the search for a cure or a vaccine that could stop the infection ”.

The desire to restart Serie A, pressured by economic problems and worried about the end of the season without ending the championship, undergoes the stop of the infectious disease specialist who remembers at the press conference: "We are still in phase 1, today we still have too many deaths" . Words that should make us reflect on the emergency we are experiencing and that should lead football clubs to think more of the health of their players and workers than of economic interests alone. (Sources: AGI, Adnkronos, Repubblica, Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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