Juventus, Ramsey and the quarantine: “I can’t stop eating biscuits”

ROME – Juventus player Aaron Ramsey, via Instagram, reveals that he cannot stop … eating biscuits.

“It is not an easy period – he explains -. I am doing all the exercises that the club has given me at home, but it is not the same thing as training with friends on the field. During the season I am not afraid of gaining weight, but now … ".

Now Ramsey spends his days at home … amid a thousand temptations: “My wife is an excellent cook and I like to eat well, so it's a problem. In addition, there are biscuits. You see, I love making tea and if before it was an occasional and fast ritual, today it is becoming a habit ”.

“The problem – he explains – is that every time I make a cup, I also eat the biscuits. I can't resist. " Will Juve's preparers be happy? Maybe not. "Fortunately – says the footballer – it seems that we will soon be able to train with the team again".

"The situation – he continues – is crazy and we still don't know when all this will end, but if I think about my job, in front of us we still have all the objectives for which I came here: to win the championship and the Champions".

Source: Instagram, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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