Coronavirus, Pastor’s brother was arrested for violating the quarantine

ROME – Bad news for Roma player Javier Pastore .

His brother, Juan Manuel Pastore, was arrested in Argentina for violating the coronavirus quarantine.

Flaco's brother was arrested while driving his SUV on Route 38 on the road section of Cordoba.

As in Italy, police officers in Argentina also have the option of arresting citizens to verify their conduct.

Even in Argentina, you can only leave the house for reasons of urgency or for proven work or health needs .

Pastore's brother didn't go out for any of these reasons.

When he was stopped, he was in the company of his sister.

The two were arrested and taken to the police station but were released shortly thereafter.

It is likely that, as happens in Italy, offenders will have to pay a fine.

After paying this fine, they obviously have the right to return to their home.

Pastore is not with the rest of his family in Argentina since, by the will of the Giallorossi club, he remained in Rome.

All the more reason he won't leave the country now as football teams' training should resume on 4 May.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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