Mike Tyson returns to fight at 54, the video of his latest training is viral on social media

LAS VEGAS (UNITED STATES) – Mike Tyson has decided to return to fight at 54.

The former heavyweight champion of the world will return to the ring for some charity matches, his goal is to raise money for the homeless.

Tyson is no longer a boy but his physique is still perfect.

The proof of this is in a video that went viral on social networks in a matter of minutes.

In this video, Tyson throws some deadly punches at his trainer, shots that have made him right into the history of boxing.

After hanging up his gloves, Tyson devoted himself mainly to his film and television career.

In recent years, he has also started working profitably through YouTube and social networks.

Tyson, like all other sports legends, is also an influencer given that he is followed by millions of people.

This sequel can be monetized in a big way.

So Tyson started earning a million dollar rain thanks to his video views and sponsorships through social networks.

In short, the years go by but Mike Tyson is still very popular both in the United States and in the rest of the world (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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