Lukaku: “Inter that’s why I feel like a man on a mission …”

MILAN – Romelu Lukaku is a footballer capable of taking his responsibilities.

He was the star of Belgium in the last World expedition and is the most representative footballer of Inter .

In short, Lukaku always has the spotlight on him and that's why he feels like a man on a mission.

He revealed it himself during an interview streamed live on Bleacher Report.

The statements of the gigantic Belgian center forward of Inter are reported by

“I am a man on a mission.

During the last World Cup, I went from total euphoria to depression.

I was a bit euphoric, we reached the semifinals and we are talking about a small country of only 11 million inhabitants.

The pain came a month later when I reviewed all the videos from the World Cup.

That was difficult, because you think you got really close to it. And this thing struck me only later.

When I moved to Inter I had all this energy inside me that had grown in the meantime.

And I was a man on a mission.

My arrival at Chelsea in the Premier League? It all happened quickly.

I was only 18, I had just finished high school, I graduated and suddenly I was already on the train to London.

There I met Didier (Drogba, ed), he was doing physiotherapy.

He immediately told me that I had to show him the Blue character.

From that day we started talking every day for at least an hour, before training, after training …

He, Anelka and every other player in that locker room showed me what it takes to become the person I am today.

It was not so much the coach as the players: they had the mentality that made them say "let's win".

It was an excellent experience, I saw how they won the Champions League and the FA Cup and this has served me to date. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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