Coronavirus, Nicchi: “Going back to play? I do not send the referees to risk their lives “

ROME – “In the drama of the moment we continue to work on the restart, but when does not depend on us.

We are ready to restart the Serie A engine but we certainly cannot send the referees out of danger to risk their lives. We need guarantees for everyone, even for us ”.

Marcello Nicchi, president of the Italian Referees Association, says this about the stop of the championships for the coronavirus emergency and the hypothesis of recovery.

“I believe that before talking about short-term feelings and prospects, we need to look at the present and the battle we are fighting against the coronavirus.

Referees are people of rules, as always we will respect government and Federation regulations, "added Nicchi, to RadioSportiva.

“At the moment the engines are stopped – he added speaking of the 'preparation' -, then everyone at home does what they feel. However, we are ready, despite the moment of great difficulty. We want to be protagonists of the reconstruction ”.

Coronavirus, Cosimo Sibilia: "It takes 30-40 days to finish the Serie D championship".

"To help football get out of this situation, decisions are needed in the collective interest." In the face of the crisis for the coronavirus emergency, this is the position of the president of the Lnd, Cosimo Sibilia.

“Amateurs are one half of football and the other, that of professionalism, has probably lived so far beyond its means.

We should all understand how far we can go, "says Ansa Sibilia, who hopes we can get back on the field soon:

"The priority is to close the coronavirus emergency, then we would need 30-40 days to complete the championship." (Source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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