Coronavirus, the son of Caniggia arrested twice in 24 hours: violated the quarantine

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Bad news for Claudio Caniggia . His son Alexander was arrested twice within 24 hours for violating the coronavirus quarantine which is also mandatory in Argentina.

Alexander Caniggia lives in Spain, in Marbella, and is a known face both in Italy and abroad.

He did not start his football career as his father but he is still a great Milan fan, as can be seen in his Instagram profile where in some photos he wears the Rossoneri shirt.

In Italy, he participated in an episode of "Live – Non è la D'Urso" on Canale 5 together with the rest of his family.

He is very popular abroad because he is a successful singer and because he participated in the reality show Resistiré, an equivalent of our "Island of the Famous".

As said, Alexander Caniggia is very popular on social networks because he is a decidedly extroverted type … he is easily noticed because he has a body covered with tattoos and because he has an explosive personality (he never counts until ten before saying something …).

Let's go back to current events, the son of Caniggia was arrested for the first time at the Hudson tollbooth on the highway from Buenos Aires to La Plata while he was in the company of his fiancée Macarena.

The day before, always in the company of his fiancée, he had been arrested for similar reasons.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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