Juventus, Szczesny and the background on Cristiano Ronaldo: “Here’s what he gave everyone to be forgiven for the expulsion”

TURIN – "At the time of Allegri we had a rule, in case of expulsion we would have had to repay our comrades".

Wojciech Szczesny told a curious anecdote about Cristiano Ronaldo to the microphones of the YouTube Foot Truck channel.

"This is why we all have an iMac – adds the Juventus goalkeeper -: Cristiano gave it to us after the Valencia red, even if we had to wait almost two months, because he kept saying that he hadn't done anything."

Gravina congratulates Juventus players: "Salary reduction? An example for everyone ”.

"The agreement reached at Juventus is an example for the whole system".

The president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina declares this to Ansa, commenting on the agreement between the clubs, players and Juventus technicians for a cut to engagements given the coronavirus emergency.

"I thank Giorgio Chiellini, his companions and Maurizio Sarri – adds Gravina – because in the wake of the collaboration that the Federation has hoped for for days, they have placed the general interest at the center of their interlocution with the club".

“Unity and solidarity in the world of football – Gravina underlines – represent the first great response to the emergency we are experiencing and which risks being even more serious if we were not to return to play. Only through the contribution of all the protagonists, each for its part, will we make football stronger ".

The other clubs

Dialogue now seems to be the only way to find solutions to the crisis caused by the coronavirus also in the world of football.

The Serie A League has proposed to AIC the possibility of presenting on Monday a collective plan for the suspension of salary payments, a transitional measure pending to understand if and when it will be back to play.

The players' union, which is not opposed to a staggered cut, is however perplexed by the freeze: it does not see the need, given that the first checks on payments are scheduled for May.

It is not excluded that in the end we proceed team by team to define agreements with athletes and technicians, perhaps similar but not necessarily the same for everyone (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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