Coronavirus football Serie A, are two thousand. If one gets infected Championship canceled

Coronavirus calcio Serie A, sono duemila. Se un calciatore si contagia Campionato annullato

Coronavirus football Serie A, are two thousand. If one gets infected Championship canceled (photo Ansa)

ROME – Coronavirus Calcio Serie A , when to play, how to play? You play behind closed doors (turn the joke: behind closed doors how do you score?). It is played according to the arm wrestling calendar between clubs. The attempt to think first of the collection from the audience was as brash as it was in vain, the attempt to play I more rested than you is still in progress. But there is an attempt that so far no one has made: imagine what happens if one, even just one, of those who go to the field and live in the surrounding football fields, is infected by the coronavirus and is positive for the buffer.

There are about two thousand players, coaches, technicians in various capacities, referees, referees' collaborators, trainers, warehouse workers … About two thousand counting spans. Without wanting to bring bad luck and without calling it and attracting bad luck to the world of football, statistics say that the virus where it is has infected about four percent of the population. It is possible, as well as desirable, that the population of the Serie A of football, the two thousand, is and remains untouched and not infected in bulk. It is possible and desirable. But statistically far from certain and guaranteed.

So what happens if one of the two thousand Serie A feels bad one evening, has a cough, measures a fever, is high, calls the doctor, the doctor finds suspicious symptoms and, as per health protocol, sends a footballer or coach or technician or referee to check the swab? And then the buffer, both the first and the second, is positive, what happens? It happens that the footballer, coach, coach or referee in all probability is a little sick and then heals (85% of cases which reaches 95 and passes percent in the case of young and healthy organisms). It is good for the player, coach, coach, referee or whatever it is.

But it also happens that those who have had contact with him go, as per the health protocol, to quarantine. For at least two weeks, those who have had contact with the one, even one, who has tested positive go into quarantine. Team, locker room and also in all probability team and locker room of the last opponents on the field. At that point the Serie A Football Championship would in fact be canceled. The entire structure of Calcio Serie A would not hold a quarantine of at least two weeks. If it were, it would be necessary to extend the Championship to complete it, to extend it in June. But in June there are the Europeans, even if the question of whether the Europeans will be there is not without foundation.

In short, if one of the two thousand of the Serie A, god forbid, falls ill with coronavirus, the Championship is effectively canceled. And another fierce contest would start: who and why did the championship title jump?

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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