Coronavirus, Ferrero: “For me Serie A ends here. Lotito will hate me … “

ROME – For Massimo Ferrero the Serie A ends here. Now is the time to think only about health while waiting for the coronavirus threat to disappear. The president of Sampdoria was clear:

“For me, the Serie A championship ended with this ranking. I'm sorry for Lotito who will certainly hate me but life goes on like this … next year the championship could be twenty-two teams to reward the first two of the Serie B without relegating anyone from Serie A ".

“What Serie A should be next year? The same as this year. For me the championship ends here. Next year we could play 22 teams. " So the president of Sampdoria Massimo Ferrero on Radio Radio talking about the Coronavirus emergency that stopped Italian football.

“Which Benevento has 69 points to say? It cannot stand by and watch. Scudetto? I know Lotito will hate me but that's how life is. For me it ends like this, with these positions. This is the direction to take. "

Ferrero adds: “Let's make a hypothesis, they give us a month of preparation from April 4, we arrive at May 4: we will have to do twelve games. We arrive in August. What happens with the next championship? Let's start talking about the after, not the before. " (article source: ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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