Coronavirus, Cairo: “Championship finished, subscribers must be refunded”

TURIN – “Yesterday I spoke to some players who called me responsibly. We have to find a meeting point because everyone has to make sacrifices. Turin at this moment does not collect anything, there must be a sacrifice by everyone to get out of this situation and start well. I am confident. "

So the president of Turin, Urbano Cairo, replied to A day as a sheep on Rai Radio 1 to a question about the possibility that, as happened to Juve, the hires of the grenade players will be reduced.

As for season tickets or pay TV, according to Cairo "the subscriber has the right to be reimbursed, we must study the forms".

A solution could be that you can allow entry to the stadium free of charge for the next season for a number of matches corresponding to those not played in the current championship.

"It could be a thing to do," said the president of Turin.

“I already said it, in my opinion the championship is over. In Wuhan, the restrictive measures began on January 25 and I think they will be lifted on April 8, two and a half months of stop – he explained -.

For us, with a two-month break, we would leave at the end of May, provided that no more time is needed. For teams it would mean starting to train in late May and then starting games in late June, playing in July and August.

Then give a month of vacation, a month to train and start again for the next championship not before November. It can not be done".

On the Scudetto: “It should not be awarded because the championship is not over and there are three teams in a handkerchief. I have not even heard Andrea Agnelli say that it should be assigned ”.

(sources ANSA and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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