Lazio, Diaconale attacks Juventus: “He wants the official title to dedicate himself to the Champions League”

ROME – Yet another controversy between Arturo Diaconale , spokesman for Claudio Lotito's Lazio, and Juventus.

According to Diaconale, the bianconeri want the definitive interruption of the championship, with the consequent official title, to devote themselves only to the Champions League.

Here is the post published by Diaconale on his official Facebook page.

"But who makes you do it?" Many friends ask me this question by recording how my weekly white (and sometimes even biweekly) white-and-blue notebook arouses not only many controversies but also avalanches of insults against me launched on social networks by fans of teams other than the one I am responsible for communicating and to which I have given my heart since childhood.

Good question, since I am not asked by President Claudio Lotito to launch provocations, who, if anything, urges me not to throw petrol on the fires.

Why do I do it? I owe this answer to my friends (to my family who are a little worried about the tone of the insults) and also to the Biancocelesti fans whom Paladino do not out of professional obligation but because of my choice.

It would be easy to argue that my laziness and hostility towards the other opposing teams pushed me. But the truth is that the fault lies with my professional history.

In the most formative years I have had the good fortune to work in the newspaper directed by Indro Montanelli and to grow in the refusal of homologation, conformism and in the cult of counter-current opinion.

Since then, many years have passed. But I have always remained faithful to that Montanellian teaching (it is no coincidence that I was responsible for almost twenty years for "L'Op Opinion", setting a line of liberalism always and in any case against the current).

And all the books I've written have never departed from this choice. From the first on the freedom of the press and on "Clean Hands", to those on the risk of the Iranian atomic bomb on Israel to the danger of neoperonism in Italy, from that on liberal interpretations of the history of the unitary state to that on the controversial aspects of the pontificate of Pope francesco.

Could I change by deciding to write not only about history and politics but also about football? I could not.

Especially since during my four-year experience in the football world I realized the existence of unjustified prejudices against Lazio, its President Claudio Lotito and his fans.

These prejudices put pressure on my counter-current consistency and require me to intervene with my professional weapons.

Hence the battles to defend the vast majority of Lazio from accusations resulting from ancient and unfounded preventions.

The controversy to explain that Lazio's legitimate interest in finishing the championship regularly does not arise from the claim to win the Scudetto at the table, but only from the hope of being able to conquer it on the field and to detect how this interest has the same legitimacy as that of those who would like cancel the current championship or to have the official title and to be able to dedicate only to the Champions League or to avoid a ruinous relegation.

The controversy over an unaware minister who does not know the role of football in the country's economy and collective imagination.

But above all the controversies to stop the politically correct vulgarity that is the result of specific interests that Lotito always tends to paint, not as an entrepreneur who has built a healthy company and a competitive team over the years, recovering it from a dramatic and bankruptcy condition but a sort of devil of national football who allows himself to stand sideways to the powerful by inheritance, wealth or great media presence and for this reason he must be relegated to the false and hypocritical hell of the alleged bad guys.

Are these reasons enough? For me they are more than enough. Also not to be intimidated by verbal attacks to which I do not reply so as not to turn into a fight that I would always like to keep at a level of total civilization ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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