“So you beat women,” boxer Billy Joe Saunders suspended for social video

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Coronavirus quarantine has given head to English boxer Billy Joe Saunders.

While all the athletes uploaded videos with their workouts on social networks, Billy Joe Saunders wanted to upload a video where he taught his followers how to beat their companions during the quarantine.

Obviously his gesture was harshly criticized by everyone and the British boxing federation could not help but stop it.

The boxer tried to justify himself by saying:

“I didn't want to promote violence against women, I also donated money to an association that fights against this problem. I just made a silly mistake, I didn't want to harm anyone. "

As explained by the same boxer, Billy Joe Saunders has donated £ 25,000 to an association that fights alongside women who have suffered domestic violence.

Billy Joe Saunders, the video tutorial: "Women beat themselves like this".

The video published on social media by the boxer Billy Joe Saunders where he explains to his followers how to beat his companions during this forced period of quarantine for the now known events of the coronavirus.

Billy Joe Saunders said it was just a joke but that didn't stop him from getting a well-deserved penalty from the British boxing federation (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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