Collovati: “Inter confirms Conte. But who wanted Eriksen? “

Fulvio Collovati defended Antonio Conte with a sword during an interview with Luca Taidelli for La Gazzetta dello Sport . At the same time, the former footballer expressed doubts about the purchase of Eriksen ("but who wanted it? It is not suitable for Conte's game …").

Here are some of the statements made by Collovati to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I thought it before and I'm even more convinced now: the team most penalized by the stop for the coronavirus is Conte's Inter. And not just because for years she has been the one with the most fans at the stadium. After more than three months of rest, playing every three days complicates Antonio's work a lot for how he loves to keep the team under pressure even in training. For this reason, I find the comparisons with previous Inters that were difficult in the second half of the season wrong

Isn't Antonio Conte guilty? He certainly could loosen the bridle every now and then, but he wouldn't lose control of the locker room. But if Gagliardini makes a mistake with an empty net and rolls a postponement, if Lautaro eats a penalty, the coach can do little

I still don't understand who wanted to take Eriksen. I don't think he's a Conte player. In fact, his insertion has slowed down the team. It is true that it takes time to insert it, but it is not yet clear what role the Dane will play in the next season “.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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