Patric like Suarez in Lecce-Lazio, the bite to Donati costs him the expulsion

The Scudetto dream remains such and Patric loses his head in the Lecce-Lazio final. The Lazio footballer bit Donati remedying an inevitable expulsion. The var could not fail to catch him in the act. His gesture certifies the biancoceleste surrender but is not the first to have bitten an opponent ( here the video ).

In the face of social distancing and safety rules to combat coronavirus. Football never misses an opportunity to make a bad impression. They have a mask on the bench but they bite on the pitch …

But Patric is not alone. The Lazio player is in good company (so to speak …).

If we talk about sports in general, the most famous bite is that of Mike Tyson . The former heavyweight boxing champion took an ear off Evander Holyfield on November 9, 1996 during a lost match in Paradise, Nevada.

That bite marked Tyson's final surrender as he had been punched by Holyfield from start to finish. The New York boxer did not want to give up on the evidence of the end of his career and closed it badly by removing the bite of his rival's ear.

If instead we take into consideration the world of football, the 'champion' of bites is definitely Luis Suarez . In fact, the Uruguayan center forward has lost his head four times biting his opponents on the field.

His vice began in the days of Ajax when he bit Otman Bakkal during a heated challenge between the two big names in Dutch football. Result? Seven days of disqualification.

A few years later, on April 21, 2013, Suarez bit Branislav Ivanovic during a match between Liverpool and Chelsea which was stuck on the result of two by two. This time he remedied ten days of disqualification.

We get to the last episode, the most sensational one. We arrive at June 24, 2014 and a game that sanctioned the elimination of Italy from the World Cup. The blues lost to Uruguay and were eliminated from the tournament but that game was mainly talked about by Suarez's bite to Chiellini. The Uruguayan center forward was disqualified for four months.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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