Rome, Fonseca risks exemption. Spalletti, Pochettino, Allegri, De Zerbi: all the tracks explored by Franco Baldini

In 2019 Roma showed a modern and effective game and was in the running for a place in the Champions League. Then news of the possible change of ownership and the enormous debts of Rome (certified by the last Shareholders' Meeting) began to make their way with some insistence.

Fonseca lost control of the situation, also because he was left alone to his fate by the management, and the team embarked on a return from the relegation zone. In 2020, before and after the coronavirus championship stopped, Roma lost 6 games out of 11.

Without the points made brilliantly in 2019, now Rome would seriously risk relegation to Serie B. Other than qualifying for the next Champions League or dreams of glory …

This is why Franco Baldini , who is the only true market man left in the club, has started to probe various tracks for the present but also for the immediate future.

Baldini has been collaborating in Rome for a lifetime and would be convinced of having excellent chances of being confirmed in case of change of ownership.

Baldini would be convinced to impress also on the possible new Giallorossi patron thanks to his curriculum and his fluent English.

The fact is that at the moment Baldini would have contacted Luciano Spalletti, for him it would be the third return to the Giallorossi, Pochettino, always a ball of his, Allegri, another technician highly esteemed by the Giallorossi consultant, and De Zerbi, the true revelation of this Serie A .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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