Cellino: “I have coronavirus. SYMPTOMS? Severe bone pain and excessive fatigue “

BRESCIA- Massimo Cellino , president of Brescia, is one of those who does not want to start playing again .

Now he has one more reason to think of it this way since he got sick with coronavirus.

Cellino himself revealed it during an interview with "La Repubblica". His statements are reported by sportmediaset.mediaset.it.

I have coronavirus. After two weeks of quarantine in Cagliari, I went to the hospital to check up – he said -.

It turns out that my daughter had the virus, my son didn't have it, while I have it in place. SYMPTOMS? Excessive tiredness and severe bone pain .

I repeat, football must not start again. There is not the slightest respect in asking me to restart the Italian football championship outside Lombardy.

What do people ask in Brescia ? He defends me, tells me that he wants to honor his dead, he is offended if I bring the team back on the pitch.

I have to respect these people. I'm not afraid to go back, maybe in B I go the same but I will return to A, I have young players and the accounts are fine .

I do not accept not to respect the city of Brescia though. And if you play, the clubs don't decide . "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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