Cristiano Ronaldo trembles, in Madeira an outbreak of coronavirus 20 km from his villa

MADEIRA (PORTUGAL) – Cristiano Ronaldo is not safe either. A coronavirus outbreak was discovered 20 km from his Portuguese villa.

We are talking about an outbreak of the infection with a dozen official cases in Camera do Lobos, a town west of the capital Funchal , where CR7 is now with its family .

In any case, so far, neither Ronaldo nor his family members have experienced the typical symptoms of coronavirus .

Not only that, Ronald o is expected in Turin in the coming days, in view of the resumption of Juventus training scheduled for May 4th.

Ronaldo must return in the next few days to be ready for May 4th because before training he must undergo the mandatory quarantine period when returning to Italy.

Ronaldo will return to Turin in great shape as he trained practically every day in Portugal.

The champion of Juventus has trained both in the gym and on the pitch (remember the controversy of Diaconale ?).

Cr7 did not limit himself to hard work in the gym and swimming pool , he also wanted to continue supporting football training.

All this thanks to Nacional, the local team that is first in the standings in the Portuguese Serie B football championship .

Now Cr7 is ready to return to Turin to continue to make a difference with Juventus both in the league and in the Champions League.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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