Coronavirus, the FIGC protocol for the resumption of football in Italy

ROME – The protocol , drawn up by the FIGC medical commission , is structured in forty-seven total pages with indications for teams and referees: from screening to training and sanitation of sports facilities.

The commission is composed as follows: the president is Professor Paolo Zeppilli, then there is Roberto Cauda , Cattolica's infectious disease specialist, Massimo Fantoni , director of Gemini's Covid-19 unit, Walter Ricciardi , WHO component and adviser to Minister Speranza, and Francesco Vaia , director of Spallanzani.

The document was sent to the government a few days after training resumed on May 4 . Then, at the end of the month, the games should resume.

We should take the field first for the Italian Cup , on May 27 and 28, and then with the championship , from May 31 to July 12 .

The matches should be played in the center-south, excluding races in the north, in the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

The FIGC president Gravina said that the games should be played from the Rubicon down. The same version was provided by Walter Ricciardi.

WHO executive board member , adviser to Minister Roberto Speranza for Coronavirus and Coni consultant, who spoke on Radio Punto Nuovo, explained that the matches should be held only in the center and south (obviously behind closed doors ).

The FIGC protocol on the resumption of football in Italy was published exclusively by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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