Cassano in Vieri: “They made me out of Tiki Taka, I still don’t know why …”

GENOA – The forced stop of the football championship , for the now known events of the coronavirus, has unleashed the ex footballers on Instagram.

Among the most active are certainly Antonio Cassano and Bobo Vieri who recently were "travel companions" during the Mediaset television program " Tiki Taka ".

Cassano and Vieri were the protagonists of a direct Instagram that gave many ideas.

Cassano started :

“I still don't know why they took me away from Tiki Taka. I have not received official communications. Neither letters nor messages.

The only one who showed up, telling me, was Pierluigi Pardo. So I don't really know why it ended like this … ".

Vieri also commented on his exclusion from the television program:

“When I learned that you weren't going to be there, I was very sorry. I was anxiously waiting for Monday because you were making me laugh … ".


“We had a lot of fun. We talked our way. Without false statements, without unnecessary turns of words, we went straight to the point …

And going straight to the point we talked about football in an interesting and competent way. "

Finally, Cassano, on Vieri's "assist" , recalled the day of his presentation at Real Madrid.

“It takes c … to show up that way at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. They wanted me in suits instead …

I showed up with that little fur that still makes you argue … if I think about it, I'm ashamed, what a plush I had … ". (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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