Anna Falchi: “Favorable for the resumption of the championship under these conditions”

ROME – Anna Falchi , a great Lazio fan , hopes for a recovery in the championship. His position is the same as his heart society.

To reveal it is the same Falchi in an interview released on the microphones of Rai Radio2 during the format "I Lunatici", conducted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Di Ciancio.

I am in favor of the resumption of the championship. Shooting that must take place in maximum safety.

The matches must be played behind closed doors and all members of the football clubs must be checked daily by the medical staff.

Football must only resume under these conditions because health comes first.

As a Lazio fan I am in favor of the recovery because the team was having a great championship and deserves the opportunity to finish it.

I have a proposal for the TVs that broadcast the paid games, let them be seen in the clear so you can give joy to the Italians who are forced to stay at home.

How am I passing the quarantine? By cultivating my passions. I cook, I keep fit and watch movies and TV series.

I have a personalized training card, every day I train a different part of the body .

I combine training with healthy eating . I go grocery shopping every four days. I have trusted suppliers. I love to cook, for me the quality of food is very important ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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