Coronavirus, Rome-Lazio: from Totti’s selfie to Lulic’s goal, photos on sale to help Spallanzani

ROME – Roman sports photographers take to the field against the coronavirus by selling all their most beautiful photos of Rome-Lazio for charity .

In this gallery there are historical moments of the Capitoline derby , from Totti's selfie under the Curva Sud to the Lulic network that gave the Italian Cup to Lazio.

They announced it themselves through the following post published on

“It was born from the idea of ​​a group of professional sports photographers from Rome.

Despite the complete block of the work activity , due to the total stop of sport in Italy, the photojournalists still want to make themselves useful in the battle against the virus by making available a series of images of Lazio and Rome that can be purchased through a donation from anyone who wants to contribute to the 'initiative.

By sending the receipt of the donation , made from the dedicated page of the Spallanzani hospital, you will receive one or more photos chosen from those made available by the photographers.

The initiative has found the favorable opinion of the two capitoline clubs and is also promoted by some players of the two teams.

Waiting to know when the 'One Shot Against Covid' championship will resume will be a way to help overcome the emergency and not forget the joys of a sport that has always united Italy .

Also on there is a list of professionals who have joined this initiative.

Among the photographers who joined the initiative are Antonietta Baldassarre, Isabella Bonotto, Augusto Casasoli, Matteo Ciambelli, Fabrizio Corradetti, Riccardo De Luca.

Pino Di Stasi, Alfredo Falcone, Pino Fama, Ettore Ferrari, Antonio Fraioli, Marco Iacobucci, Massimo Insabato, Pino Leanza, Silvia Loré, Giuseppe Maffia, Ferdinando Mezzelani, Gino Mancini.

Federico Proietti, Marco Rosi, Fabio Rossi, Antonello Sammarco, Giampiero Sposito, Andrea Staccioli, Roberto Tedeschi, Manuela Viganti.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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