Balotelli makes peace with Chiellini: “I love you even if you stabbed me in the back”

TURIN – Peace arrives between Giorgio Chiellini and Mario Balotelli .

Super Mario had been furious after being attacked by the blue defender in his autobiography.

All this thanks to the intervention of "Le Iene" .

This evening, in fact, the service of Corti and Onnis will be aired on "Le Iene Show" on Italia1 in which there is the video call of reconciliation between the two former team-mates of the National team, and for which an advance was provided.

"It is the first time in my life that you messed up and I did not!" Says 'Balo' to Chiellini who replies: "I was envious, because in life you have to make mistakes to improve!".

"Then I am perfect," replied the Brescia striker jokingly, who then, when asked by the Hyenas, if peace is possible, replies that "there has never been a war, guys, I have already told you."

Chiellini says instead, to his colleague, that "there were some disagreements, I'm sorry but I had to say something, Mario, then I would have written to you in a while, I'll tell you in person, later.

I was undecided whether to put it on, but not telling anything is bad, it seemed to me false and hypocritical.

I take myself attached and connected ”.

The reply:

I wait for the book. But rip the pages where he talks about me! ".

When they go to Chiellini before the video call, the Hyenas bring to the Juventus player an autographed Balotelli shirt with the dedication:

"Even if you unexpectedly stabbed me in the back, I still love you, hug, great!".

The black and white shows he likes, answers a question about the national team and about a possible summons by Balotelli ("Mum guys, it would be a pleasure! I have no problems!"), And agrees to call 'Supermario' and says to him "Thanks for the T-shirt! I really keep this! " (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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