Juventus, Rabiot has not yet returned to Turin to protest

TURIN – Rabiot is expected in Turin in the next few hours but his behavior remains a coincidence .

According to what reported by "La Stampa", the Frenchman was among the last to return to Turin in protest.

According to the Turin newspaper, Rabiot would not have liked the cut in the wages of the Juventus players.

According to some English media, however, the Frenchman would not have returned to Italy to force Juventus to sell him .

The former Paris Saint Germain footballer never settled in Italy and often ended up on the margins of Sarri 's technical project .

These British media talk about a move by the French footballer's mom to bring her son to the Premier League.

Rabiot is very fond of Guardiola who in him would review some characteristics of Busquets, his former protégé at the time of Barcelona.

Obviously the Juventus player would immediately accept the transfer to such a prestigious club .

Rabiot's choice would not be dictated solely by technical or tactical reasons

The Premier League is the richest league in the world .

Going to England, the former Paris Saint Germain midfielder would double his already rich salary.

Juve wouldn't even miss it since it put him already among the starters with Higuain .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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