Coronavirus, Danny Rose: “Playing football to raise people’s morale? I don’t give a c … “

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Danny Rose , defender of Newcastle and the English national team, has a hard break on the social networks .

His statements caused a sensation because Rose is an important player, internationally famous .

In a nutshell, the former Tottenham footballer does not want to return to play the Premier League.

For this reason, Rose has lashed out against the government that would like to resume matches to raise the morale of the fans.

The outburst of the Newcastle player during a live broadcast on social media is reported by

"The government says it wants to restore football to help the nation's morale. But I don't give a damn about the nation's morale.

People risk, you understand what I mean?

The return of football should not be considered until the numbers have dropped massively.

I'm sad that people get sick and get hit.

Football should be the least of the things that need to be resolved. "

As said, Rose is a well-known face of English football because she has an important career in the Premier League behind her .

Rose has worn jerseys, among others, from Manchester City , Tottenham and the English national football team (although she has Jamaican origins).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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