Balotelli: “I was going to sign with Juventus, then … here’s what happened”

BRESCIA- During a direct Instagram with his friend and influencer Damiano Er Faina, Balotelli revealed a background on Juventus.

After winning everything with Inter and Manchester City, the Brescia striker was one step away from signing with Juventus.

"It was practically all done, I was about to sign with Juventus then … Galliani has arrived!

He knew of my love for Milan and managed to convince me to sign with them despite Juventus being much better in the league.

If I had gone to Juventus, I would have won everything.

They have won everything less than the Champions League, even though they have reached the final twice …

But I have not reasoned with the head but with the heart.

I was very good at both Inter and Milan, for me the city of Milan is like a second home.

I hope to return to wearing the jersey of the Italian national football team as a protagonist.

I love the national team, I have always loved it.

As a professional footballer I can tell you that there is nothing more exciting than wearing the shirt of the national team of your country.

I highly appreciate the coach Roberto Mancini, I have a great relationship with him.

If he summons me again, it will be for me to play. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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