Serie B ready to start training and championship again, here is his plan

ROME – Serie B is ready to return to the field because an interruption of the season would cause many organizational problems and would open the doors to numerous appeals in court.

The plan of the Serie B is to regularly end the season by playing the remaining days, the playoffs and the playouts.

But to do all this, you need to start again immediately.

The Serie B League's plan is to end the season by the end of August.

In the press release, which is shown below, it is written openly how the Serie B League's plan is to end the season in conjunction with the European cup finals.

“Unanimously the need was resolved, to end the current sporting season in consideration of technical, athletic and organizational reasons, of at least three months from government clearance on the resumption of training .

With the end of the season which, consequently, can be fixed and identified in the periods of the final dates of the UEFA competitions.

The board of directors also assessed further initiatives and tools to protect the economic and sports system of the Serie B League, and of all associated companies, which will be illustrated by the president Mauro Balata at the federal table ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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