Vieri-Adani and the strange live Instagram: brushing teeth and fruit salad while talking about the Napoli championship

MILAN – Former footballers Bobo Vieri and Lele Adani are confirmed as the kings of live broadcasts on Instagram.

Last night, while talking about Napoli about the second championship , they dedicated themselves to at least unusual activities.

Adani was brushing his teeth, with lots of spit in the glass in front of him, while Vieri was eating the fruit salad.

Bobo explained why to his fans:

“I went over a hundred kilos, the situation was starting to be worrying and for this reason I started eating clean.

That's why I'm eating fruit salad, I'm hungry …

Better to eat fruit than something wrong.

But now let's go back to Naples …

It was an extraordinary team, there was not only Maradona, that was an incredible team … ".

In fact, with Maradona on the field, that Napoli managed to win two league titles and a UEFA Cup .

A few days ago, Vieri spoke with concern about his physical condition:

"I have reached 106 kg, it is not good at all because my healthy weight is 95 …

It would be phenomenal to go back to that weight but to do it I will have to put myself under …

I mean that I will have to train hard and at the same time I will have to follow an iron diet.

In this period of quarantine it is not easy because we are always at home … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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