Ashley Rose, girlfriend Malcuit unleashes on Instagram: “Racist Naples Fans”. Company apologizes

Ashley Rose, fidanzata Malcuit si sfoga su Instagram: "Tifosi Napoli razzisti". Società si scusa

Ashley Rose has published an Instagram story where she blames Naples fans of racism. He received insults for his physical appearance and the color of his skin

NAPLES – Ashley Rose, fiancée of the Napoli Malcuit fullback , was the victim of numerous racist insults from the Neapolitan fans. She reveals it herself through a harsh release published on her Instagram stories.

Ashley Rose was attacked mainly for her physical appearance and her skin color. She explains it herself through this post that she has talked about on Instagram and other social networks.

«Since I arrived, the Neapolitans are disgusting with me. I'm ugly, my boyfriend's sister because I have the same hair, I have to go on a diet. I was warned: I am not white and thin with long straight hair, but I have big afro hair, I am black and not like a "woman of the footballer" who are ideal here.

I like my shapes, I love my skin, my hair »« When I see your comments, I'm sure I'm much more beautiful than all of you because I have the most beautiful soul. I'm not related to you, so I don't care about your opinion.

I was first told to come here that the Neapolitans had a reputation for being racist. I didn't want to believe it, but I see that it's very true (not luckily for everyone). And then it's always easier behind his phone. "

Napoli apologized to Malcuit's partner by posting the following message on his official Twitter profile: "We read the outburst of @KevzRose's girlfriend, who received racist insults. They are mortified. The Neapolitans are not racists. But there can certainly be imbeciles who are. And we firmly condemn them. Excuse us @ashleyroseglam ”.

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