Dani Alves wants to return to Juventus. Will take the place of Cancelo?

Dani Alves vuole tornare alla Juventus. Prenderà il posto di Cancelo?

Dani Alves during a PSG press conference (photo ANSA / AP Photo / Francois Mori) [CopyrightNotice: AP]

TORINO – Dani Alves, a 36-year-old footballer who is released after the experience with the Paris Saint Germain shirt, wants to return to Juventus. The Brazilian footballer could take the place of Joao Cancelo , a player who could be sold to Pep Guardiola's Manchester City in the next few hours.

At the moment, the biggest obstacle to the return of Dani Alves to Juventus are his economic demands. Dani Alves asks for a two-year contract (and already this request is not so easy to satisfy as he is already 36 years old) from a total of 14 million euros (7 per season). His requests are considered off-market by Juventus who would give him a maximum of 4 / 4.5 per season. The Brazilian is thinking about it and will soon give an answer to his old club that is not in a hurry because he must first complete the sale of Joao Cancelo.

Joao Cancelo likes both Manchester City and Psg. At the moment the English are favorites over the French because they moved earlier. Juve wants to earn about 60 million euros from this outbound transfer market operation.

Defense Juventus, today De Ligt arrived: "Happy to be here".

"Hi Bianconeri, this is @ mdeligt_ … I'm really happy to be here!" Here they are, through the Juventus social profiles, the very first words of Matthias de Ligt's Juventus player waiting to hear him in the press conference that should be held Thursday before the training coached by Sarri moves, starting Friday, in China to begin his summer tour.

After disembarking from the jet in Turin Casella in jeans and a white jersey, the now former Ajax player left the airport aboard Juventus' car, greeted by enthusiastic fans waiting for him at the Varco three exit. The Dutch central spent the night at the Jhotel.

This morning the strong defender supported the ritual visits to JMedical. Now the official purchase of the player from Ajax is expected for a sum that, according to rumors, is around 75 million euros. De Ligt, who last season eliminated Juventus from the Champions League, rejuvenates the rear of Sarri's team. A luxury reinforcement, added to the grafts of Rabiot and Welsh Ramsey presented just yesterday by Juventus (source: Ansa).

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