Case of Mihajlovic, Order of Journalists evaluates Zazzaroni’s behavior

Mihajlovic, Ordine dei giornalisti valuta il comportamento di Zazzaroni

Mihajlovic and his wife in the photo Ansa

BOLOGNA – It will be the Council of territorial discipline of the Order of Journalists of Emilia Romagna to deal with the Mihajlovic- Zazzaroni affair, or the dissemination of news concerning the disease – leukemia – against which the Serbian coach of Bologna fights before spreading the same technician gave public notice.

And Mihajlovic had harshly criticized the incident, speaking of news given to sell a few more copies of the newspaper and of friendship ended (the editor apologized with an editorial in his newspaper, saying that if he could go back he would not do it again).

To specify that it will be the Council of territorial discipline of the Order of journalists of Emilia Romagna to evaluate the incident is Carlo Verna, president of the National Council of the Order of Journalists, explaining that this happens because the director of the Corriere dello Sport is registered in that region and that the deontological verification is the exclusive responsibility of the territorial discipline councils, which are autonomous bodies with respect to the regional councils.

The Disciplinary Board will have to assess the correctness of the balance between the right to report and the respect of the art. 6 – Duties towards the weak subjects – of the Consolidated Text of the duties of the journalist ("The journalist: respects the rights and dignity of sick or disabled people whether they are carriers of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, in analogy with what already sanctioned for minors by the 'Treviso Charter', avoids the publication of news on scientific topics a sensationalism that could give rise to fears or unfounded hopes, spreads health information only if verified with authoritative scientific sources, does not mention the commercial name of drugs and of products in a context that may favor their consumption and promptly provide news on those withdrawn or suspended because they are harmful to health) and art. Art. 10 – Protection of the dignity of sick persons – of the Deontological Rules relating to the processing of personal data in the exercise of journalistic activity ("The journalist, in referring to the health status of a specific person, identified or identifiable, respects them dignity, the right to privacy and personal decorum, especially in cases of serious or terminal illness, and refrains from publishing analytical data of strictly clinical interest.

The publication is allowed within the pursuit of essential information and always respecting the dignity of the person if it has a position of particular social or public importance ").

The director of the Corriere dello Sport has entrusted Instagram with his reasons: "I have not betrayed any confidence of Sinisa, whom I had not heard for over a month. I looked for it several times on Friday, even with a message that I published, when I knew with certainty about the illness: others knew, as we knew that the next day a press conference was scheduled in which he would explain, I wrote only twenty lines of encouragement without ever talking about the extent of the disease, as I recommended that they do mine.

To the press officer of Bologna who invited me to postpone I had anticipated that I would write about it with the necessary delicacy and full respect for privacy. Never thought about the copies, rather I responded to the requests of friends and fans on the grounds of his absence and the clinical tests: I vented my anguish for my friend. I wouldn't do it again "(source AGI).

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