Antonio Cassano: “Inter will win the Scudetto. Ancelotti? Right exemption “

Cassano, Ansa

Antonio Cassano (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by Sky Sport, Antonio Cassano votes for Inter.

Inter, Cassano says, "will win the Scudetto, but I say it from August". And again: "Conte is a pure champion". Esposito? "It has fire inside." Antonio Cassano on Sky Sport's microphones takes stock of the championship and puts all the chips on the nerazzurri for the final victory: “I have already said this since the end of August: Inter will win the Scudetto, because it has a coach who is a star in the state pure that brings you 15-20 points. I expected it there, because Conte puts the fire inside you. He is a coach who goes very well with the idea of ​​Inter ”.

"Lukaku? I have to be honest, I didn't think it started so well. He works for the team and is very intelligent. And then after a while he already speaks Italian very well. Lautaro is also very strong, we will hear about it for 10-15 years. The merits must be given to Ausilio for having taken him. Esposito? Being in a great team and playing in San Siro is never easy, but he has the fire inside and a great desire to do. It must grow slowly. It is fortunate for him to have Conte as coach, he will mature him to the full. Furthermore, Esposito is perfect for its module. "

From Inter to Napoli then a focus on Gattuso: “Ancelotti was not doing well, it was right to change. Napoli must be in the top three. Gattuso surprised me, when he started I didn't think he was so good – he admits -. He always tells you what he thinks, even in his own way. He has great personality and great ideas. They said that at Milan he had failed but he had had an extraordinary season with normal players ". And speaking of Milan: “I have a lot of faith in Maldini and Boban, you have to be patient. Now they have taken Ibra, there is talk of Todibo, I think that in 2-3 years Milan can return to the top ".

"Sarri? He is a good coach, he has done good things for the past 3-4 years, but he has always coached in B and C. He is a normal coach. Let's not forget that Juve was sending Dybala and Higuain away in the summer because Sarri and Paratici didn't want them. He is now first with Inter for these two guys. If they had gone I don't know where they would have been today … At Juve they don't want to play well, they want to win. I don't know if Sarri will do it. The Champions League? There are many stronger teams than Juve, for example I think of Real and City. I see it hard, I have many doubts ".

Cassano is then shown the famous goal of Bari-Inter: “20 years have passed and many beautiful things have happened in my life – he says -. My children were born, I got married, I became a man, I am no longer a child. Where do I see myself in twenty years? I hope to stay in the world of football because it is my life, but I would like to stay with my ideas. I got my sporting director's license, I went back to studying, when the football played ends you have to get back into the game. Now I would like to work as a DS ". Who would you take for your team's bench? Obvious answer: "I would really like Bielsa – says Cassano -, he has great personality, I like it crazy, I would do anything to take him".

Source: Sky Sport.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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