Milan, Pioli: “Ibrahimovic? He will be our warrior. He said to me: mister don’t worry, I’m fine “

Pioli, Ansa

Stefano Pioli (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Milan coach Stefano Pioli also spoke of Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “Ibra is a warrior, a leader, a charismatic player who has a great sense of responsibility and a great desire to win. It will stimulate the whole team, its contribution will be fundamental ".

“What did he say to me on the phone? I welcomed him, he inquired about the conditions of the team, about the next training sessions, about the next situations to face. He said to me: mister, don't worry, I'm fine. "

"What can it give? He can do everything, he can score his teammates, he can occupy the area well, he will be the point of reference for our offensive phase. I heard him on the phone, he is very charged, he can't wait to train with us, just like I have him. "

With Ibra's arrival, if Piatek stays, isn't he going to get depressed? “If you play for Milan and a quality player arrives you must be stimulated and happy: the more you have, the more your chances of winning are raised. Anyway, to be in the top 11 at Milan you have to deserve it. "

What is your relationship with the pressures? “I work a lot, from eight in the morning to six in the evening, I prepare the games, then when I arrive on Friday evening or Saturday morning and I think I have done everything right I can be calm and clear. When I leave Milanello instead I manage to disconnect ”.

And what does it do?
“My typical evening would be cinema and then pizza. I just saw Irish Men, I loved it. Now I watch the TV series: Peaky Blinders. Then I love cycling, mountain biking. "

Close with a wish to the Milan fans and to himself.
“To live a better 2020 together. And who knows if my long cycle is born here ".

Source: The Corriere della Sera.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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