Mino Raiola: “Ibra? These six months will be like Queen’s last tour. And Balotelli … “

Mino Raiola, Ansa

Mino Raiola (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by Repubblica, Mino Raiola spoke about Ibrahimovic , Balotelli and Serie A.

Chapter Ibrahimovic.

“Zlatan is back to have fun and to entertain the world. I couldn't allow her last stage to be Los Angeles. These six months will be like the last tour of Queen, a long tribute: we had to do it in San Siro ".

“Who convinced who? We quarreled with every transfer. If I were ignorant, I would think that it was always me who decided his teams, instead at 52 I think I understood that he decides and then makes me believe that I made the decision ".

Is Serie A becoming the elephant cemetery? “ Zlatan's case is different, he only comes for six months, then let's see. But I brought you De Ligt, who everyone wanted. All. But he wants to become the best defender in the world and then he says to me: "Mino, I have to go to the defense Harvard, to the defenders MIT". So we chose Juve: to get a degree ”.

She goes to the negotiations in shorts and a shirt: is she part of the character? " My mom used to say to me:" Mino, tanned the right way. " But I'm not well with clothes, I'm uncomfortable. At first they looked at me like an idiot, but then I realized that it was even better: if you show up badly dressed they underestimate you, and in a negotiation it is a great advantage. The only one who had something to say was Braida, but he is a dandy. Or the Fifa lawyers, to whom I explained that decency is not seen in the dress. And they prove it. "

Why are many of his players arrogant? Do you educate them to be? “ They are ambitious, which is different. Does Matuidi seem arrogant to you? Nedved, if he had been arrogant, he would not have won a golden ball but three. And Balotelli 's problem is precisely the lack of arrogance, in fact he is happy with his career and he is the only one who is. Zlatan yes, he is arrogant, in fact I had to take away the Dutchman he had inside and put an Italian in it. "I'll take care of it," Capello told me, and Ibra learned to score. The Dutch are an extraordinary, brilliant people, but in football they do, they become arrogant. Think of Van Gaal. In fact, I enjoy reproaching him for the World Cup won by Italy ".

Source: La Repubblica.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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